Manufacturer List


NVIDIA is a world famous leading supplier for end-to-end network connectivity products which enable server and storage in datacenter to perform the best. NVIDIA Infiniband and Ethernet products always provide highest bandwidth, best performance, most flexible connectivity, lower power at lower TCO.


ProLabs is an UK based global supplier of connectivity product like optical transceivers, cables and media converters. ProLabs’ certified compatible products to major network equipment suppliers help end user to reduce TCO with no penalty in quality and reliability.


ATTO Technology is a storage interface specialist well known to big data computing industries. The company support variety of storage protocol like Fibre Channel, SAS/SATA, Ethernet and Thunderbolt in product of host bus adapter, RAID adapter, storage interface bridges and storage controller with end-to-end products coverage.


QLogic, as a Cavium company, is a primary supplier of Fibre Channel, iSCSI and FCoE solution product of controller chip, host bus adapter and network interface card. Many of Fortune companies adopt QLogic storage solution for good performance and excellent quality.


Netcomputing is a very unique computer product developer. Its portable workstation allow to build in full size of ATX motherboard, PCIe adapter card and enterprise class SSD/HDD with customization requirements from OEM/ODM customers.


EchoStreams is a server/storage solution provider for OEM/ODM. Adopting industry standard building blocks from advanced technology partners make it possible to develop production quality with unique packaging design capability in short lead time.

AIC(Advanced Industrial Computer)

AIC is an OEM/ODM focus server storage solution vendor producing not only barebone chassis but also base board/motherboard products developed in-house. Broad line up of products help quick and easy modification to your desirable specification.


Liqid is a Colorado base innovation company focusing on data center technology field. DI solution like PCIe, NVMe flash product and a very radical composable infrastructure technology which enable dynamic reconfiguration of computing resources on demand.



Pliops is a startup with an audacious vision: to tackle the data explosion on behalf of individual companies and the world at large. We were founded in 2017 by data architecture experts who devised an ingenious solution to the problems that arise when massive data growth collides with the shortcomings of existing compute and storage systems. The teams in Israel and the United States are working in partnership with the world’s leading technology to make our vision a reality.